9 de abril de 2006


Nada mejor que una canción simpática pa' empezar bien la semana.
Encima, ¡aplicable!. Es tal cual lo que sucede en el colectivo, cada día, qué bello señores, qué bello.

Another One Rides The Bus - Weird Al Yancovich

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Riding in the bus down the boulevard
And the place was pretty packed (Yeah!)
Couldn't find a seat so I had to stand
With the perverts in the back
It was smelling like a locker room
There was junk all over the floor
We're already packed in like sardines
But we're stopping to pick up more, look out
(Chorus): Another one rides the bus
Another one rides the bus
Another comes on and another comes on
Another one rides the bus
Hey, who's gonna sit by you
Another one rides the bus

There's a suitcase poking me in the ribs
There's an elbow in my ear
There's a smelly old bum standing next to me
Hasn't showered in a year
I think I'm missing a contact lens
I think my wallet's gone
And I think this bus is stopping again
To let a couple more freaks get on, look out
(Weird sound effects)
Another one rides the bus
Another one rides the bus ow
Another one rides the bus hey hey
Another one rides the bus hey-ey-ey-ey
The window doesn't open and the fan is broke
And my face is turning blue (Yeah)
I haven't been in a crowd like this
Since I went to see the Who
Well I should've got off a couple miles ago
But I couldn't get to the door
There isn't any room for me to breathe
And now we're gonna pick up more yeaaah

(Más tarde la traduzco en un comment para aquelios que no entendais)

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